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It is up to the legal owner to pursue copyright infringements directly with a program’s author and/or publisher.

Completely FREE Software assumes that ALL copyright issues are resolved (even when told otherwise) and that program authors have full permission to use the characters, concepts and ideas presented in their programs.

Programs are rated on a variety of criteria, with usability being most important.

Other factors which influence our reviewers include (in no particular order) the number of features, the usability of those features, ease of use, download size (small is best), Helpfile/Readme file assistance, appearance, perceived popularity, etc.

However RESPONSIBILITY and LEGAL LIABILITY in the area of copyright rests solely with the program author and/or publisher and not with Completely FREE Software or its Web Author(s), staff or agents.

To the best of our knowledge ALL listed programs were completely free for non-commercial use when first listed and we encourage users and program authors to report any instances where this might not now be the case.

The CFS site has links to many, many thousands of completely free – and legal – Windows and DOS programs.

We have neither the resources nor the time to try and sort out individual problems.

By liaising directly with the program authors you will be helping them to keep their programs up-to-date and bug-free.

The first experience my Daughter in law created me a profile last Memorial day weekend for me and the response was ridiculous.

All listed freeware is freely available to all visitors, as are all our exclusive program reviews.

Over 2,600 programs are downloadable from this site.

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