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Episode 1-42 end, Cast by: Wu Xiu Bo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Janine Chang & Tang Yi Xin...

Disc: DVDSubtitle: English, Chinese Simplified Region Code: Region All Weight: 450 g RM128.90 Listed Date : 01/10/2017 China TV Drama Rush To The Dead Summer is a china tv drama produced in 2017.

and produced by Lin Yufen Episode 1-56 end, Cast by: Cecilia Liu, William Chan, Xu Haiqiao, Cecilia Han & Maggie Wong...

Disc: DVDSubtitle: English, Chinese Region Code: Region All Weight: 510 g RM121.90 Listed Date : 05/12/2017 China TV Drama Princess Agents (HD Shooting Version) is a china tv drama produced in 2017.

Hualian Cinema is a big one in Hohhot with the latest show equipments to show the latest movies.

In Hohhot, there are decent entertainment places and some great bars.

This is a pretty temple that is worth taking time out to visit, especially if you are in the vicinity of this older section of town.2.

Most of the bars or pubs in Hohhot are located in the major hotels. is the biggest bar in Hohhot, providing wine, beer, fruit juice, and western food.

It often invites singers and actors to perform for the customers.

Although not arranged in the most logical of order, the museum contains a variety of interesting exhibitions that should keep you interested.

The captions in the museum are unfortunately only in Chinese and Mongolian, but most of the pieces pretty much speak for themselves.4.

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broadcast by China Hunan TV Episode 1-46 end, Cast by: Chen Xue Dong, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jing Ting, Xia Zi Tong & Chai Bi Yun...

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